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About Us

Select Covers owns and operates a growing family of online consumer cover stores fulfilling hundreds of orders each and every day. Founded on the idea that consumers shouldn't have to try and navigate their way around large, complex, and often confusing online malls, every Select Covers store sells a specific type of cover in a specific market or vertical. Quite simply, we make the process of finding and purchasing the exact cover that you're looking for as easy and hasslefree as possible.

When you shop within the Select Covers network of stores, you can rest assured that you're getting some of the best deals available. Unlike many other online retailers, we bypass middlemen by going directly to manufacturers and negotiating the best possible prices on the highest quality products; prices we pass right on to you, the consumer.

What good are great deals on high quality products without equally superb customer service to match? At Select Covers, we take customer service seriously. Unhappy customers aren't just bad for business, they're bad for karma too. Our customer support specialists are friendly, knowledgeable, and work with the rest of our team. We have spent almost as much time perfecting our support infrastructure and processes as we have our entire buying platform and it shows. However, we know that customer service is an ongoing operation and we're constantly working to maintain what we believe has become one of the best customer service programs in the industry.

At Select Covers, our philosophy is simple. We deliver the quality products you're looking for at great prices through an easy and hasslefree buying experience backed by quality customer service and care.

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